For Advisers

The Jayhawk Media Workshop welcomes advisers to a five-day experience of learning, sharing time with fellow advisers and watching their students learn.

Due to limited enrollment, the summer workshop will not include an separate Advisers course. Instead, we invite advisers to join their students in sharpening their journalism skills in one of our 11 courses. The cost for the adviser workshop is $300 plus lodging expenses (see below).

Advisers are invited to join the workshop instructors in staying at Hampton Inn Lawrence, where we have reserved a discounted block of rooms. Just tell them you’re attending the Jayhawk Media Workshop. (Advisers are no longer able to attend the workshop by staying the student residence halls.)

Advisers wishing to commute to the workshop from home are welcome to attend as well. The same cost of $300 for workshop registration applies to commuting advisers. Meals will be provided for lunch and dinner.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.