3-3:45: 6/24 “Increasing Underrepresented Voices in Student Publications” with Yvonnes Chen

3-3:45: 6/24 “Increasing Underrepresented Voices in Student Publications” with Yvonnes Chen


Class Time:June 24 (Th) 12-12:45

What’s absent in media coverage could be more powerful than what’s present. Media literacy, which is defined as an individual’s ability to access, analyze, evaluate and produce media messages, provides a framework for analyzing missing and underrepresented voices in your student publication. This interactive session will use the media literacy and design thinking principles to help you reflect on your current practices, develop action steps, and conduct research so you could champion inclusivity in your student publication.

Yvonnes Chen is a Center for Teaching Excellence ambassador and a former diversity fellow. She teaches strategic campaigns, research methods, health communication, grant writing, and data analysis. Her most recent research focuses on improving access to COVID testing and reduce the impact of COVID-19 on those individuals and communities who are disproportionately affected by the pandemic through a collaborative project between community partners and the University of Kansas Medical Center.

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These sessions will present students with new ideas that they are unlikely to have encountered in the high school classroom. These are not software sessions. Instead, the sessions will present new ways of being a journalist or communicator in 2021 and provide lots of take-away examples that can motivate students when they return to school in the fall. Inspiration sessions last 45 minutes each via Zoom.