3-3:45: 6/23 “StoryCrafting: A feature writing showcase” with Scott Reinardy

3-3:45: 6/23 “StoryCrafting: A feature writing showcase” with Scott Reinardy


Class Time:June 23 (W) 3-3:45

In this session, we will exchange ideas about how to develop engaging narrative nonfiction stories that go beyond basic storytelling. Please read the provided materials, and be prepared to share your thoughts and experiences.

Scott Reinardy was a newspaper reporter and editor for 15 years prior to earning his master’s degree and Ph.D. at the University of Missouri. Reinardy has been a professor at the University of Kansas for 13 years, teaching advanced writing courses such as Statehouse Reporting, Stories from the Road, and Depth Reporting.

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These sessions will present students with new ideas that they are unlikely to have encountered in the high school classroom. These are not software sessions. Instead, the sessions will present new ways of being a journalist or communicator in 2021 and provide lots of take-away examples that can motivate students when they return to school in the fall. Inspiration sessions last 45 minutes each via Zoom.