3:35-3:55: 6/23 Next Step session with Doug Ward

3:35-3:55: 6/23 Next Step session with Doug Ward


Class Time: June 23 (W) 3:35-3:55

Doug Ward teaches classes in pedagogy, digital content strategy, data gathering, data visualization, and editing at KU. He is also the associate director of the Center for Teaching Excellence. He was an editor at The New York Times before joining the faculty at KU.

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During these sessions, students will share their work with our instructors to receive a critique of their work and make goals for “next steps.” Those next steps might be the next book to read, the next skill to practice or the next challenge for your staff. The “next step” session could be: an individual portfolio review a staff looking to redesign their publication an editor looking for feedback on a past year’s publication in preparation for the coming year another kind of individual or small group coaching “Next Step” Sessions last 20 minutes via Zoom.