Schedules Category: Third Day


Day Three “Inspiration” sessions: THURSDAY, JUNE 24

These sessions will present students with new ideas that they are unlikely to have encountered in the high school classroom. These are not software sessions. Instead, the sessions will present new ways of being a journalist or communicator in 2021 and provide lots of take-away examples that can motivate students when they return to school

Day Three “Next Step” Sessions: THURSDAY, JUNE 24

During these sessions, students will share their work with our instructors to receive a critique of their work and make goals for “next steps.” Those next steps might be the next book to read, the next skill to practice or the next challenge for your staff. The “next step” session could be: an individual portfolio

Day Three “Intensive” Sessions: THURSDAY, JUNE 24

These sessions would allow students to dive deeper into a specific topic and “spend the day” with that topic. The topics would be very similar to previous sessions at JMW, like editorial leadership, yearbook theme, website redesign, diversity in media, etc. “Intensive” Sessions last for seven hours total, with four 1-hour blocks of instruction. In

Days One through Three “Software” sessions

NOTE: Software sessions are three days long To give students enough time to work with software during “work hours” in the middle of the day, each of the software sessions is three days long. Students should not register for more than one software session. Students should reserve at least three hours from the middle of